Limpid Water

for ensemble · 2023

A flow of clear, transparent water.


for ensemble · 2016

Barley porridge, or a crust of barley bread, and water do not make a very cheerful diet, but nothing gives one keener pleasure than the ability to derive pleasure even from that.


for ensemble · 2018

Inspired by Agia Sofia of Thessaloniki, the work draws from the temple’s multilayered nature: juxtaposed layers of time, of use, of architecture, of surroundings, of people.
Toonbrood is the offering bread placed on top of each other. At the same time “toon” is musical tone, thus naming the piece “tone bread”.

The piece was commissioned by dissonArt ensemble, Stegi Onassis Athens [GR] and Centre for Arts & Media Karlsruhe [DE] for the Soundscapes Compositions project, part of the Interfaces European Programme.

Φλοιός / Cortex

for piano solo · 2016

The lateral intraparietal cortex of the brain is responsible for our perception of time, regulating the ability of speaking or playing an instrument. “Cortex” is regulating and deregulating the rhythm and speed of a constantly moving “melodic speech”.

Fata Morgana

120 whistled microtones (fixed media) · 2016

A mirage seen during hot days in desert, land or sea, Fata Morgana distorts the objects on the horizon, often to such extent that they become completely unrecognisable.

Michalis Paraskakis, whistling


for ensemble · 2015

Skostok is the name of an ancient king of the Odrysians. We know he existed only from a few brass coins with laureate Apollo and an equestrian with the inscription ‘SKOSTOK’.

Prélude non mesuré

soprano & baroque ensemble · 2015 [trascription for modern ensemble 2021]

The text comes from a Greek Orthodox Easter Psalm antiphone describing Christ’s tortures, while praising him. Keeping only the tortures, the soprano leads the instruments in a renaissance notated unmeasured prelude.

Elena Krasaki, soprano
Tsala's baroque players / TETTTIX ensemble

Porta Theatre / Piraeus Municipal Theatre [GR]


for positive organ and 5 players · 2013

The keyboardist holds down static drone chords. The rest four are fluctuating the drones by fine tuning the tubes of the organ to produce variable frequency beatings in several layers. The result is an ode to frequency beating and its beauty.

Vladan Kulisic, tuner 1
Eugene A. Kim, tuner 2
Assaf Gidron, tuner 3
Noah Rektenwald, tuner 4
Michalis Paraskakis, keyboard

Spring Festival 2013, The Hague [NL]



Iannis Xenakis

Natalia Alvarez-Arenas, percussion

Royal Conservatory of The Hague [NL]

Anaparastasis I "The baritone"

Jani Christou

Nikos Ioakeim, conductor

Korzo Theater, The Hague [NL]


Karyn Banquet & Yaniv Schonfeld

Karyn Banquet, choreography

NDT Lucent Dansthetater, The Hague [NL]



New work for accordion

accordion solo
commissioned by Krasimir Sterev

Toluolio (as shadows that have lost their bodies)

symphonic orchestra
Premiere: t.b.a.


Limpid water

fl, cl, sax, bsn, perc, e-gt, hp, acc, d.bass, keyboard controlled amplification
commissioned by the Athens Epidaurus Festival
Premiere: 24/6/23 · TETTTIX Ensemble · Yorgos Ziavras · Athens Conservatory

Contemplate and it’s enough

10′ · 2021
ney, cl, tpt, tbn, 2 perc, turkish perc, pno, hp, e-gtr, qanun, ud, yali tambur, vlc, cb
Commissioned by the Greek National Opera for the 200 years from the Greek Revolution.
Premiere: 19/11/21 · Alternative Stage Greek National Opera [GR]


3′ · 2019
fl/pc, cl/bcl, pno, 2 vln, vla, vlc, cb
Commissioned by dissonArt Ensemble, Onassis Stegi Athens [GR] & ZKM Karlsruhe [DE]
Soundscape Compositions – Interfaces European Programme
Premiere: 16/10/19 · dissonArt Ensemble · Vladimiros Simeonidis · Demetria Festival [GR]


13′ · 2016
bfl, heck, cbcl, cbsn, bass sax, hn, tpt, tbn, hrp, acc, vla, vlc, cb
Commissioned by impuls Festival Graz [AU]
Premiere: 10/2/17 · Klangforum Wien · Enno Poppe · Impuls Festival 2017 [AU]
Other: 3/12/2022 · Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra · Ilan Volkov · TECTONICS Athens [GR]


19′ · 2015
fl/pc, ob/eh, cl/bcl, perc, positive organ, hrp, mand, vln, vla, vlc, cb
Commissioned by Nieuw Ensemble
Premiere: 12/2/15 · Nieuw Ensemble · Gregory Charette · Muziekgebouw Amsterdam [NL]

version 2018
fl/pc, cl/bcl, bsn, bsax, perc, gt, hp, pno, acc, cb
Premiere: 6/12/18 · TETTTIΞ · Konstantinos Terzakis · Onassis Stegi [GR]
Other: 20/11/2019 · Kazakh Symphony Orchestra · Fedor Lednev · New Music Generation [KZ]

Ark Futura

8′ · 2014
ob/eh, cl/cbcl, bsn/cbsn, hn, vln, vla, vlc, cb
Premiere: 12/3/14 · ASKO|Shönberg Ensemble · Bas Wiegers · Portuguese Synagogue Amsterdam [NL]
Other: 22/5/2019 · Ensemble Reconcil · Yalda Zamani · Reaktor Vienna [AU]

Not Yet II

9′ · 2014
cl, 2 vln, vla, vlc, cb 
Premiere: 16/4/15 · Momenta Quartet + Friends · Carl Christian Bettendorf · MATA Festival New York [US]

Le merle, le bourdon et les couteaux

7′ · 2013
any large group of recorders of all sizes
Premiere: Ensemble Praetorius


10′ · 2011
fl/pc, cl/bcl, tpt, gt, hp, vln, vlc, cb without conductor
Premiere: Ensemble Modelo62


5′ · 2010
large brass + percussion ensemble
written for NeosBrass

Milonga Rituel

7′ · 2009
fl, cl, asax, tsax, tpt, hn, tbn, tba, perc, pno, e-gt, ebgt
Premiere: Ereprijs Ensemble



8′ · 2020
fl, cl, vln, vla
Commissioned by OutHear New Music
Premiere: 9/4/22 · Klangforum Wien & PPCM · Municipal Conservatory Kalamata [GR]

Afternoon to evening

16′ · 2021
2 pic/fl/bfl, electronics
Commissioned and premiered by duo Ana Chifu & Zach Tarpagos
Premiere: 18/7/21 · Open Sails Festival Chania [GR]

3 insects

7′ · 2020
alto sax, gtr
Commissioned and premiered by duo Mislav Režić & Gordan Tudor
Premiere: 20/7/20 · Musical Evenings Festival [HR]

Clémentine pelée

8′ · 2019
2 marimbas
Commissioned by duo Panos Ziavras & 
Marinos Tranoudakis
Premiere: 17/2/2019 · German Evangelical Church Athens [GR]


5′ · 2015
narrator, cl, vla, vlc · poem by El. Schönmaier
Commissioned by Eleonore Schönmaier
Premiere: 19/6/15 · 
Eleonore Schönmaier · Musings Ensemble

A map for long distances no. 7 & 8

6′ · 2014
narrator, cl, vla, vlc · poem by El. Schönmaier
Commissioned by Eleonore Schönmaier
Premiere: 29/6/14 · 
Eleonore Schönmaier · Musings Ensemble


30′ · 2013
amplified baroque positive organ, 1 keyboardist, 4 tuners
Premiere: 10/4/13 · performers from KonCon · Spring Festival The Hague [NL]

3 slide whistles

4′ · 2012
3 piccolo slide whistles
Premiere: performers from KonCon

6 slide whistles

6′ · 2012
6 piccolo slide whistles
Premiere: perfomers from KonCon

Reflèks II

7′ · 2011
percussion, slide whistles – 4 performers 
Premiere: performers from KonCon

Trying to stand

3′ · 2011
alto sax, bar. sax, tbn, vibr, e-gt, pno 
Premiere: Ensemble KLANG


9′ · 2011
balinese gongs, thai gongs – 3 percussionists
Premiere: Slagwerk Den Haag


12′ · 2011
flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, viola
Commissioned by the Greek Contemporary Music Ensemble
Premiere: Greek Contemporary Music Ensemble · Theodor Antoniou


10′ · 2010
3 percussionists
Premiere: performers from KonCon


Elephant’s foot

8′ · 2023
commissioned by Ben Roidl-Ward & Niki Harlafti
Premiere: Ben Roidl-Ward · 28/1/2024 · National Hellenic Museum Chicago [US]

Φλοιός | Cortex

7′ · 2016
Commissioned & premiered by Katerina Konstantourou
Premiere: 24/5/16 · Onassis Stegi Athens [GR]

Not Yet

8′ · 2016
clarinet + sinewaves
Enric Sans i Morera · 24/6/14 · Barthkapel Den Haag

A certain dance

6′ · 2013



baritone, acc
commissioned by Kournos Festival Lemnos
Premiere: Georgios Iatrou baritone · Konstantinos Zigeridis accordion · Kournos Music Festival, Lemnos

Prelude non mesuré

4′ · 2015
soprano + baroque ensemble (fl, vln, 2 vla da gamba)
commissioned by Antigoni Tsalla & Porta Theatre
Elena Krasaki + Antigoni Tsalla Ensemble


8′ · 2013
countertenor + percussion
Commissioned by L. Marziotte
Premiere: Leandro Marziotte & Benjamin Mazauric · KonCon [NL]


4′ · 2011
SSAATTBB · poem: F. G. Lorca
Premiere: singers from KonCon

Lorem Ipsum Dolor

2 tenors
premiere Esteban Manzano & Mattheus 


2 to 6 basses

Music Theatre · Opera


75′ · 2022
(mezz), ct, 2 ten, 2 bar, bass, fl, cl, sax, tbn, perc, e-gtr, pno, acc, vln, cb
Opera commissioned by the Greek National Opera
Alexandra K*, libretto
Premiere: 1/2/23 · Konstantinos Terzakis, direction · George Koutlis, stage director

The Museum of the Musical Imaginary Beings

60′ · 2021
A music-theatre collaboration with composer Stamatis Passopoulos,
actor/director Foivos Symeonides and ensemble TETTTIΞ.
Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture for the summer Cultural Festival.
Premiere: 3/8/21 · Ancient Abdera [GR]

30 Nails

7′ · 2020-21
music-theatre satire for 3 pianists
Commissioned by Pythia Trio
Premiere: 4/12/21 · Hall of Kalamata Philharmonic [GR]

First Love

60′ · 2019
sop, mezz, bar, bass, cl, acc, cb
re-composition of N. Chatziapostolou’s operetta
Commissioned by RAFI & Greek National Opera
Premiere: 23/5/19 · RAFI ·Alternative Stage [GR]


30′ · 2019
music/dance/theatre performance in & outside a living room
2 dancers, narrator, bcl, tbn, perc
Commissioned by Onassis Center
Premiere: 1/3/19 · RopisCo · Onassis Stegi [GR]


50′ · 2017
mezz, perc, electronics, soundtrack
Commissioned by Oper(o) & Greek National Opera
Premiered: 25/1/18 Oper(o) · Alternative Stage [GR]


male actor, tbn
Premiere: Michalis Paraskakis, Georgios Kachrimanis

The little cock

12′ · 2010
narrator + large wind ensemble without conductor

Film + Theatre


play by G. Chortatzis, dir. Manos Vavadakis

Hedda Gabler

incidental music for theater, dir. Zoe Chatziantoniou
sound + music performed by the actors
Premiere: 13/5/19 · Bios Theater Athens [GR]


incidental music for theater, dir. Anna Micheli
accordion + electronics
Premiere: 8/12/18 · Neos Kosmos Theater Athens [GR]

L’ arrivée

3′ · 2017
short film by Peter Tscherkasky
alto sax, e-gt, vibr, pno
Premiere: 30/5/18 · TETTTIΞ

La passion de Jeanne d’ Arc

110′ · 2015
music for the silent film by C. T. Dreyer
2 to 4 basses + vocal/electronic soundtrack
Commissioned by DNR Film Festival [NL]
Premiere: 17/1/15 · Michalis Paraskakis, David Alonso de Molina

Fixed media

Fata Morgana

5′ · 2016
125 microtonal whistling tracks
Commissioned by Francisco Lopez & Fani Konstantinidou
Uploaded @ Audio-DH
whistler Michalis Paraskakis


8 channels