Soundscapes Compositions

An interactive soundwalk using a geo-referrencing app that will playback audio, designed by ZKM and OCC.
The composers of the project will compose miniature pieces for specific urban locations of Thessaloniki.
The pieces will be recorded by dissonArt ensemble. Part of the “Interfaces” European programme.

New work for percussion duo

commissioned by Panagiotis Ziavras and Marinos Tranoudakis
Premiere 17·02·2019, German Evangelical Church, Athens

New work for flute duo

commissioned by Ana Chifu and Zach Tarpagos

New work for accordion

commissioned by Krassimir Sterev

New work for bass clarinet

commissioned by Costas Tzekos
The work will be included in a cd dedicated to clarinet/bass clarinet, featuring greek composers.

future events


22 May

Noise:s Onie

Austrian premiere of Ark Futura

17 February

New work

commissioned by the percussionists Panagiotis Ziavras and Marinos Tranoudakis.

past events


6+7 December

Ambient Pressure

a performance of music and light by ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ and Panagiotis Tomaras

concept/realisation · M. Paraskakis
artistic direction · M. Paraskakis, K. Konstantourou

Brian Eno                     On Land, 3 parts (orch. M. Paraskakis)
Nikos Ioakeim             Væsanus!
Giacinto Scelsi            Okanagon
                                      Maknongan (voice, M. Paraskakis)
Peter Adriaansz          Fraction
Michalis Paraskakis   Skostok (rev. 2018)
Zesses Seglias            Let the music go down

30 May

ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ #1 • L’ arrivée

The very first performance of ensemble ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ included the premiereof the first version of my soundtrack on “L’ arrivée” by P. Tscherkassky.

Zp87, Athens [GR]

25, 26, 27, 28 January + 2, 3 February


Music theatre work in collaboration with the lyric theatre company Oper(o).
Texts by T. S. Elliot.


under construction