ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ (pronounced tétttix) means cicada.

In the summer of 2017, Michalis Paraskakis founded

an ensemble for contemporary music and music-theatre, based in Athens and Chania, in Greece.

ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ consists of 9 instrumentalists and 3 composers.

Its combination is unique, away from the usual standard formation, something that will lead to the creation of new repertoire. ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ will focus primarily on music newly composed or after the 90s. At the same time ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ

will include important and/or neglected masterpieces

of the second half of the 20th century. Last but not least,

it will very often include a wide variety of music, such as pop, rock, electronic and traditional, always brought into

the frame of the ensemble.

One of its main concerns is to make its performances

a unified, single-flow "spectacle" that does not follow the typical concert procedure. For that we will bring together artists from different fields (theatre, choreography, cinema, architecture), to work in collaboration with ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ to stage and direct our  performances.


www.tetttixathens.com (soon)




the musicians

Costas Tzekos˘clarinets

Guido de Flaviis˘saxophones

Spyros Vergis˘trombone

Sissi Makropoulou˘harp/voice

Katerina Konstantourou˘piano/keyboards

Mislav Rezic˘quitars

Stamatis Passopoulos˘bajan

Panos Ziavras˘percussion

Charis Pazaroulas˘double bass

Nikos Ioakeim˘composer

Nikos Galenianos˘composer

Michalis Paraskakis˘composer/voice