In progress

New work for solo accordion, commissioned by Krassimir Sterev

New work for DissonArt Ensemble, commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Centre

New work for two flutes, commissioned by Ana Chifu, Zach Tarpagos

New work for saxophone quartet, commissioned by S.T.A.B. quartet




Cortex (2016) · written for Katerina Konstantourou

for paper-prepared piano


Not Yet (2012)

for clarinet and sinewaves


A certain dance (2003)

for piano




Prélude non mesuré (2015) for baroque ensemble

soprano, traverso, baroque violin, 2 violas da gamba


This (2015) · on a poem by Eleonore Schönmaier

for narrator, clarinet, viola, cello


A map for long distances no. 7 & 8 (2014) · on poems of Eleonore Schönmaier

for narrator, clarinet, violin, cello


Not Yet II (2014) for 6 instruments

clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass


Terpnon (2013) for positive organ

one player on the keyboard and four tuners in the tubes


3 slide whistles (2012)

for 3  high pitched bamboo slide whistles


6 slide whistles (2012)

for 6 high pitched bamboo slide whistles


Reflèks II (2011)

for 4 performers with percussion and slide whistles


Trying to stand (2011) · written for Ensemble Klang

a.sax, br.sax, trb, vibr, e-gtr, pno


Pselaphe (2011) · written for Slagwerk Den Haag

for 3 percussionists


V (2011) · written for Greek Contemporary Music Ensemble

for fl, ob, cl, bsn, hrn, vla


Maya (2011)

for recorder(s) and trombone


Sesokhris (2010)

for 3 percussionists




Kama (2016) · written for Klangforum Wien

for bass flute, heckelphone, bass/contrabass clarinet, tubax, kontraforte,

trumpet, horn, trombone, accodion, harp, viola, cello, double bass


for flute/piccolo, oboe/english horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, percussion,

mandolin, harp, positive organ, violin, viola, cello, doble bass


for oboe/english horn, clarinet/contrabass clarinet, bassoon/contrabassoon, horn,

violin, viola, cello, double bass


Le merle, le bourdon et les couteaux (2013) · written for Ensemle Praetorius

for any large group of recorders of all sizes


Reflèks (2011) · written for Ensemble Modelo62

for flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, trumpet, guitar, harp, violin, cello, double bass


Tettix (2010) · written for NeosBrass Ensemble

for large brass-percussion ensemble


Milonga Rituel (2009) · written for the Orkest de Ereprijs

for flute, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, percussion, electric guitar, piano



[Medea] (2013)

for countertenor and percussion


D. (2011) · on a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca

for SSAATTBB solo voices


Lorem Ipsum Dolor (2009)

for 2 tenor voices


Vflox (2007)

for 2 to 6 bass voices




Orpheus (2017) music-theatre in collaboration with Oper(o)

for mezzo-soprano, bass, gran cassa, pre-recorded saxophone and trombone, electronics


Anthem (2012)

for actor and trombone


The little cock (2010) · fairytale for narrator and wind ensemble

for narrator, piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trumpet


Visite piso piloto (2001) · music for the theatre

for 4 cellos




L' arrivée (2017) · music for the short film of Peter Tscherkassky · written for Nikel Ensemble

for alto sax, vibraphone, electric guitar, piano


La passion de Jeanne d' Arc (2015) · music for C. T. Dreyer's silent film

for 2 bass voices and electronics



Fixed media

120 whistling tracks


Mezjea (2004)

8 channels