I am intrigued by the vast but oftenly unexplored implications of sound itself -

my point of reference is seldom of extramusical nature, or it is merely a starting point. The concept of "flaw" in musical performance, these slight deviations

from absolute precision, is a key element in my works. I am searching ways

of manipulating  the occurrence of such "flaws" and bring them forward to devise  familiar but blurred environments.

In my later pieces am making extensive use of a phenomenon, the oscillating beating when the frequencies of two or more pitches are too close,

a phenomenon considered wrong for centuries in western music - another

"flaw". Although frequency beating is not something new, in my music it is given

a greater importance than a mere phenomenon: it drives the rhetoric

and the dramaturgy of the music.


Born in Athens, he initially studied and worked in graphic design and visual arts, while playing the piano and the accordion. Later, music became his main focus: continuing the piano with Sofia Rosmaraki, he started theory and composition with Costas Varothis in Athens. He then quit visual arts and entered the Royal Conservatory of the Hague, where he obtained his Bachelor and Masters

in composition. He studied with Yannis Kyriakides, Martijn Padding, Cornelis de Bondt and Diderik Wagenaar. He also had lessons with Peter Adriaansz and Christian Wolff, as well as Klaus Lang and Mark Andre. In the same Conservatory he studied singing; classical with Manon Heynes, medieval chant and polyphony with Rebecca Stewart and bits of hindustani later in India.


A winner of the Impuls competition, his piece "Kama" was premiered in Impuls Festival 2017 by Klangforum Wien and Enno Poppe. Other musicians he has worked or will work with include the ASKO/Schönberg Ensemble, Ensemble Nikel, DissonArt Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Momenta Queartet, Ensemble Modelo62, Slagwerk Den Haag, Klang Ensemble, Bas Wiegers and Carl Cristian Bettendorf. His music has been performed in venues or Festivals like the Muziekgebouw aan 't Ij Amsterdam [NL], Athens Concert Hall [GR], Mata Festival NYC[USA], Gaudeamus Music Week [NL], Onassis Cultural Centre [GR], Greek National Opera [GR], Korzo Theatre The Hague [NL] etc.


As a singer/performer, he focuses on challenging and demanding singing and

music-theatre roles, including “Kassandra” by Iannis Xenakis and “Anaparastasis I” by Jani Christou, as well as modal singing of the Medieval and Renaissance era. He has performed with the ASKO/Schönberg Ensemble, ASKO Kammerkoor,

the Ballata Ensemble, the Athens State Orchestra, and the Greek National Choir. Additionally, he participated in several premieres by young composers or artists of other disciplines. In 2013 Karyn Benquet invited him to the Nederlands Dans Theater, for her choreography "Ensuing" where he sung and improvised together with the dancers. In 2014 he was invited by the School of Arts - Ghent Conservatory in Belgium, to perform and teach Christou’s work as part

of the Week of Contemporary Music 2014.


At the same time he is working as a professional music copyist for contemporary music publishers like Donemus [NL] and Polish National Publications [PL].